Client testimonial of the week (Mrs P.) …”Lisa has changed my life”

It is not hyperbole to say that Lisa has changed my life. I was feeling angry and overwhelmed and felt as though I had a block, something holding me back. I met Lisa and booked some sessions and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have done. Lisa is so warm and friendly making it so easy to talk to her. Once we had identified what we thought we should work on, off we went. I have experienced hypnosis before but never healing, wowzers that really was something else! I am so glad I found Lisa and I can say with certainty, she has helped me change for the better”.

5 Stars!

Mrs P Leicestershire, November 2022

It was a pleasure to help this client deal with the longstanding issues that have holding her back both personally and professionally.  Having let go of what I refer to as emotional baggage (using both hypnotherapy and healing), she now feels like a different person and is embracing her new life feeling so much more confident both personally and professionally.  She is delighted that as a result of her changes her business is really moving forward too and her husband has also shared that he is thrilled with her results.  I feel so privileged to have helped her on her journey.

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