Anxiety, Nail Biting and Sleeping – Miss P., Newport

A big thank you for everything. I felt completely at ease during my sessions and not only did the therapy significantly reduce my nail biting but has also helped me with my insomnia and anxieties. I have been a chronic nail biter for as long as I can remember. I would bite down the nail then take the top off the nail then start on the skin. I would chew until they bled and wouldn’t stop! It’s such a relief to have the odd nibble not even once a week instead of constant biting. My hands look lovely and I am no longer hiding them in my pockets or in my lap. It has given me so much more confidence and all my friends and family have noticed. The therapy has also helped with my sleeping problems, I am sleeping much better and deeper. I used to get around 3-4 hours a night now I can have up to 7! If I can’t get to sleep at night I play the relaxation CD and I am usually asleep before it has finished! Thank you Lisa you have changed my life!

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.